Share Draft/ATM

Opening a Share Draft (Checking) is now easier than ever with printable forms online. In order to open your share draft account, print out the following three forms. Fill out the check order form, sign the documents, and mail them back to the credit union today!


Online Banking: You can transfer money from your share account to your share draft account to cover incoming checks. Log in and using online banking, transfer the money in real time! If you need to see if a check cleared your account, you can check your history and see if it has!

Online Check Ordering: Using the Main Street Checks Reorder Site, you can reorder checks, customizing them using one of the many backgrounds Liberty has to offer. From your basic blue check to landscapes, there is a check style waiting for you.

Fee-Free ATMs™: BOPTI Federal Credit Union joined the CO-OP Network in order for its members to have access to over 25,000 surcharge-free CO-OP Network ATMs™. Why pay to get your money when you can get it free? You can click this CO-OP ATM Locator link or on the CO-OP logo to locate a CO-OP ATM near you.


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