Who Can Join

BOPTI Federal Credit Union is open to Bureau of Prisons employees and Commissioned Officers of the Public Health Service working at certain BOP facilities, and their immediate families. Employees working at the following institutions are eligible for credit union membership:

  • FCI Aliceville, AL
  • FPC Montgomery, AL
  • FCC Talladega, AL
  • FCI Phoenix, AZ
  • FCI Safford, AZ
  • FCI Tucson, AZ
  • USP Atwater, CA
  • FCI Dublin, CA
  • FCI Herlong, CA
  • FCI Lompoc, CA
  • USP Lompoc, CA
  • MDC Los Angeles, CA
  • FCI Mendota, CA
  • MCC San Diego, CA
  • FCI Terminal Island, CA
  • FCC Victorville, CA
  • FCI Jesup, GA
  • STC Glynco, GA
  • FDC Honolulu, HI
  • USP Big Sandy, KY
  • FMC Rochester, MN
  • FCI Waseca, MN
  • MCFP Springfield, MO
  • FCI Yazoo City, MS
  • FCI Elkton, OH
  • FCI Sheridan, OR


  • FCI Bennettsville, SC
  • FCI Edgefield, SC
  • FCI Estill, SC
  • FCI Williamsburg, SC
  • FCI Memphis, TN
  • FPC Bryan, TX
  • FDC Houston, TX
  • FCI Three Rivers, TX
  • FDC Seatac, WA
  • FCI Oxford, WI
  • FCI Gilmer, WV
  • FCI Bastrop, TX

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Lifetime Membership

Credit Union membership may be maintained as long as you have active open accounts. You may keep your membership status through retirement, relocation or changes in employment.

Account Ownership

An individual account is one that belongs to you. No one else has access to the funds, or information about the funds, in your account.

A joint account is one that is established in two or more names. Each account owner can make inquiries, deposits, and withdrawals, and can close the account. However, joint owners who are not credit union members themselves are not eligible for loans and have no other membership priviledges.

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